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General Casualty

We regularly handle cases on behalf of insurance carriers for their insureds as well as handling coverage disputes, including between carriers and where there are multiple insurance carriers on the risk.  We have a long history of representing corporate and business interests directly as well.

Real Property/Tenancy

We represent landlords and tenants, including and especially in cities with rent-control laws and administrative codes regarding tenancy such as San Francisco and Oakland, in cases involving claims of personal injury and/or breach of contract and warranties as well as the variety of additional causes of action (nuisance, civil rights disputes, etc.) that may be available in these types of disputes.

Homeowners Association Law

We represent Homeowners and Homeowners’ Associations in litigation and in matters relating to administration of the Association.

Premises and Property Liability

We represent property owners in disputes including those arising from earth movement, drainage and water damage, trees and border disputes, personal injury on premises, and property rental.

Elder Care

We represent both elder care facilities and elder care professionals and personnel as well as elder persons and their conservators/survivors in this fast-developing area of the law.  Local ordinances and regulations may significantly impact aspects of these cases.

Products/Strict Liability

We represent product manufacturers, designers, and retailers of all sorts, from large automated conveyor systems, motor vehicles, sports equipment, children’s toys, medical devices, and electronics.   We have also handled multiple cases involving pet liability.

Other Areas

We also represent diverse clients in the areas of insurance coverage, torts, personal injury, professional liability, employment, appellate, probate, trust and estate planning, family law issues, and administrative law cases.

Public Entity

We represent counties, public corporations, school districts, police and sheriffs’ departments, and their public employees in cases involving government immunities and significant personal injury and property damage claims.

Sports & Recreation

We represent sports and recreation facilities and owners in these unique cases, especially with regard to the use of the express and/or primary assumption of the risk defense.  We also work with sports and recreation clients to develop effective waivers and releases.


We represent developers, builders, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and engineers in commercial and residential construction disputes and claims of personal injury arising from construction.

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